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Executive Recommendations.

Charlie knows how to make programmes really well, and with very little fuss. An exec’s dream…

He made over 10 episodes of the Many Faces of.. (Michael Caine, Judy Dench, Ronnie Barker, Judy Whitfield), series for us, and all have been with precision, finesse, flare and passion. He is able to manage himself through the talent relationships, production, shooting and post-production, with a very high quality of finished product. As a blue chip series for BBC2 The Many Faces is highly regarded and often given repeat transmissions. This is due to Charlie.

Stephen Stewart

I’ve worked with Charlie Stuart on various productions with several different production companies and he never once let me down. Versatile. Good with talent and great in the edit. Always a good professional job with happy execs at the end of the day. I hope to work with him again!

Marnie Anderson

I employed Charlie to work as a self shooting PD 'Street Patrol UK'. He was extremely organised, a calm pair of hands considering none of production team were on the ground. We had just a few phone and email conversations concerning the project but his experience as a Producer/ Director was obvious.  He just understood exactly what we needed and delivered what we requested. Most importantly the footage was great. I would highly recommend Charlie !

Sarah Cox

Charlie is an experienced, reliable, robust and creative self-shooting PD. He worked with FREAK PRODUCTIONS filming in the Cairngorms for a BBC documentary series and was a great asset to the production, forming a strong bond of trust with the subjects in tough outdoor conditions. His coverage and the quality of his footage were both excellent and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Chris Marks

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