Bringing Stories to Life through Film

My experience in different genres with large and small crews can help your project.

I've been a broadcaster since 1982, starting on radio then joining television. As a producer and director, my first productions in the 90s were in BBC current affairs, working with onscreen reporters against tight deadlines using strict journalistic practice. You learn how to deal with stress and focus on story structure. In 1992 l made a documentary in China and started a long passion for documentary making. The following years have brought exciting periods in different TV genres working all over the world.

Documentary, comedy, screen biography, arts, history, adventure.

Making Film in a Digital age

Film and video works for business. I've delivered short and long projects for marketing, training and education. My proudest achievements include a suite of videos promoting road safety for Scottish schools. And pro bono shorts for charity groups.

I've made travelogues with the journalist and author, Lesley Riddoch in Estonia and Denmark. Shown in cinemas and YouTube, they have had almost 700 thousand views. 

Web, social media, YouTube.


For a list of my broadcast credits download my CV: