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DIT & media management

30 years experience at the sharp end of acquisition always staying on the crest of the technology curve.

Now offering DIT and Media Management Services from a hi tech portable kit.

Working closely with producers and postproduction to make the journey from the camera to the edit efficient and secure with as much added value as possible.

Verified multi format offloads of course - but also viewing proxies, tech checks, shot logs and timed transcriptions. Even pre-editing.

Location Services

From a base in Scotland I can provide DIT and Media Management expertise anywhere in the UK.

My equipment is highly portable and can be scaled for different applications.

A busy documentary shoot is not the same as a drama.

Backup and verification software is great value and used by small crews all the time. Often by a runner in a hotel room at the end of the day. But Media Management goes further.

Of course data transfer and security is at the heart of the job but I maximise the bandwidth of my time and equipment to generate more.

Simple tech checks ... are multiple cameras all shooting the same frame rate and LUT ?

Logging of rushes - audio sync - web upload - AI audio transcriptions. I can even pre - edit.

All to make the production more efficient.



+44 (0) 7836 320740

DOCUMENTARY Leopard USA / House Hunters International / Discovery 4K / 3 cam and drone

COMMERCIAL River Island Christmas. Single camera Arri Alexa 4K

MUSIC VIDEO : Meridian Line / Beijing TV / Dream Chasers, /3 cam, drone.

LIFESTYLE Ricochet TV / The Repair Shop Special / 4 cameras.

GLOBAL EVENT Host broadcaster Media Library Manager COP26

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